Railway Concession

  1. Railway Concession is issued to benefit the student of this institution when she travels to-and from the institution to
    1. her home where parents reside during vacation.
    2. to an examination centre.
    3. training centers.
  2. The concession form is valid for fourteen days from the date of issue for outward journey and three months for the return journey.
  3. One escort for a party of four girl students of any age may be allowed to travel with the party at concessional rate.
  4. Every application for railway concession should be accompanied by a certificate from the proctor to the effect that the purpose of the journey is genuine.

Concession in BUS fare

As per the recommendation of the Mahatab Committee on the various problems of the students and accepted by the State Government, the O.S.R.T. Corporation has decided to allow 50% concession in bus fare to the students in all O.S.R.T. Corporation buses with effect from 1st July, 1981 for the following purpose (Ref. Letter No. 20807 (2) OSRTC, Cuttack Dtd.25.06.1981.)

  1. While going to and returning from Educational Institutions.
  2. While going to and returning from place of permanent residence during Summer Vacation and Puja Vacation.
  3. To and fro journey on excursion and on specified extra-curricular activities on the certificate of the Head of the Institution concerned.
  4. It may noted that the students desirous of availing such concessional benefits will be required to produce valid.

Identity Cards, sponsorship Certificates duly signed by the Heads of Institutions, and call letters for training/interview/seminar/workshop/camp.

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