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Reopening of University after Summer Vacation



Academic Activities



Under Graduate ( 1st year) Students Admission

October-November, 2020

Post Graduate (1st year) Students Admission

December, 2020-January,2021

B.Ed. (1st year)Students Admission

December, 2020

PhD Admission

February, 2021

Commencement of classes

Under Graduate ( 1st year)

December, 2020 07.01.2021

Under Graduate (2nd year)

July, 2020 10.02.2021

Under Graduate (3rd year)

July, 2020

Post Graduate ( 1st year)

February, 2021

Post Graduate (2nd year)

July, 2020

PhD Coursework

March, 2021

Semester End Odd Semester Examination

Under Graduate 5th Semester

16.03.2021 to 31.03.2021

Under Graduate 3rd Semester

Under Graduate 1st Semester

Post Graduate 3rd Semester

Post Graduate 1st Semester

B.Ed 1st year

PhD Exam

Semester End Even Semester Examination

Under Graduate 6th Semester

16.06.2021 to 30.06.2021

Under Graduate 4th Semester

Under Graduate 2nd Semester

Post Graduate 2nd Semester

Post Graduate 4th Semester

B.Ed 2nd year

Mid Semester Examination

For Odd semester it will be held in the month of September and mid semester for even semesters will be held in the month of February invariably.

Total No. of teaching days

1 80 days (minimum)


Extra-Curricular Activities

Annual sports/cultural week to conduct all competitions & Functions

5th Jan-20th Jan

Annual Sports Meet

28th Jan, 2021

National Science Day

28th Feb, 2021

International Women's Day

8th March, 2021

International Yoga Day

21st June, 2021

Vigilance awareness week

27th Oct-2nd Nov, 2021


22nd Nov, 2020

Rama Devi Literary meet

Mid November-21

Vishwavidyalaya Cup Odia debate & University Cup English debate completions


• 1st phase competition

Mid-September 21

• 2nd phase final competition

1st week of November 21

Foundation Day

3rd Dec, 2021


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