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The Department of Gender Studies is a multidisciplinary field of study committed to a transformative analysis of the gender relationship and structures of power, especially as they are grounded in socio-spatially constructed categories. We advance the field through innovative teaching, collaborative research, public and community engagements that promote alternative expressions of knowledge, capability and socially responsible interrogation. Our work is guided by an ongoing process of theorizing, practice and critical reflection which is inspiring a new generation of gender scholars and feminist leaders committed to social justice. We strive to be a globally recognized model of excellence in gender, sexuality and feminist scholarship. The department offers MA, M.Phil. and Ph. D. programs and organize seminar, workshops and interactive sessions. Department is following the CBCS syllabus with a timely Mid-term and End- Term Examination System. It also takes initiatives to offer gender sensitization training for the students of other departments and affiliated colleges. As a part of the extracurricular activity students are encouraged to participate at other institutions, in career counselling, internship and placement drives. Students are also engaged in the club activities, community services, Swachha campus drive and competitions, and take leadership roles in their communities using these new insights and skills.

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